Research Institute on the
International Protection of Cultural Property

University of Saarland

Professor Dr. Wilfried Fiedler


The saving and cataloguing of the cultural heritage of the nations is now one of the most important though also much disputed themes of international cooperation.

As most problematical seems to be if, and according to which criteria, cultural objects (for instance art objects, archeological discoveries, archives) can be attributed to a certain people, state or territory; which legal effects such a linking has and which connections exist with the saving of the cultural heritage of mankind. The problem of restitution of cultural property to the original regions has also to be solved.

Of special importance is the problem of protection of cultural objects from damages of environment, trade and illegal appropriation. The work of international organizations such as UNESCO is important in this field.

The development of the valid international laws will be examined, especially the rights and duties of nations and states, the state practice and the case law concerning questions of repatriation as well as the activity of international organizations in this field such as the law of state succession in light of the International Law Commission of the UNO (ILC) will be treated in frame of the Research Institute.

The following information on these topics is available:

  • Literature

  • Case law of national and international problems

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