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The Aims of Parallel Cases

Parallel Cases is a comparative law project which aims to compare the solutions produced by German courts for a particular problem with the solutions produced by courts in other jurisdictions around the world. The project is not restricted to any particular field of law.

Parallel Cases is not an academic analysis of comparative law in the conventional sense. The project's aims are far more limited: the aim is simply to present clear and concise summaries of particular cases, in order to compare or contrast the respective decision-making processes of different jurisdictions to the same problem.

Hopefully, it should make the project no less worthy than conventional analyses of comparative law, simply because its aims are different. Indeed, it is hoped that Parallel Cases can also serve as an introduction to comparative legal analysis in the field covered by a case; and to this end, an index of materials for further reading in the area is provided at the end of each text.

Finally, Parallel Cases is also an attempt to bring another dimension to comparative law by making use of the World Wide Web. It is hoped that it will become more of a forum for active contribution, opposed to the passive habits bred by the print media. We will therefore publish here not only comparisons, but also draft versions of individual cases, to which visitors to the site are invited to contribute details of any parallel of which they are aware from another jurisdiction.


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