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English guide to German criminal procedure


Thank you for providing such good information on German Law in English.

I am a Barrister practising in Criminal law in Melbourne, Australia.

I am interested in learning about German approaches to particular issues in criminal matters. Do you know where I can get an English guide to German criminal procedure?

Howard M.

Dear Howard

I have forwarded your enquiry to my German colleagues, who are consulting with Prof. Heike Jung, to see if he knows of such a book. I will get back to you if/when I hear anything.

In the meantime, you might be interested in Prof Jung's article on German criminal law on our server, if you haven't seen it already:

Best wishes

David Thorneloe

Dear Howard

You are not forgotten! It took a little time, but in response to your enquiry, Professor Jung has recommended the following works for you:

The Criminal Process in the Federal Republic of Germany
in: Delmas-Marty(ed.) The Criminal Process and Human Rights, Nijhoff,
Dordrecht 1995, pp. 59-65
[N.B. This is predominantly a comparison with the French system.]

Hatchard et al. (Úds.), Comparative Criminal Procedure, 1996.

van den Wyngaert et al., Criminal Procedure Systems in the European Community, 1993.

I hope these titles will be of some use to you.
Best wishes

David Thorneloe

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