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I am searching for german legal materials in english, in french or spanish. 

Dear Iris:
I am looking for any kind of literature on the German civil and administrative procedure, preferably in Spanish (or Italian or French or English). I am also searching for the respective translations in the aforementioned languages of ZPO, VwVfG and VwGO. I need the material for background information for a book on civil and administrative procedure in Costa Rica. I am particularly interested in everything that covers oral hearings and the corresponding procedures because such oral hearings do not exist in Costa Rica. Thank you for your help.
V. S.

Dear Mr. S.,

I am very sorry to tell you, that there are very less german legal materials in english or even in french or spanish.  A list of legal materials in englich can be found at Synoptical texts in german/french are available at

I hope, this will help you.

Sincerely yours

Iris Speiser