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I am trying to find the adresses of some german ministries

Hi there,

I'm try to get the addresses from:

the ministry of foreign affairs in Germany,
the address from the ministry of Justice,
the address from the ministry of home-affairs also in Germany

Can you help me? Thanks

Dear Sir,

I am glad to tell you, that all the ministries you are looking for have got a homepage in the Web.

A list of all ministrys you may find at http://www.bundesregierung.de/inland/index_d4.html

Ministry of foreign affairs (Auswärtiges Amt)

Ministry of Justice (Bundesministerium der Justiz)
http://www.bundesregierung.de/inland/ministerien/bmj_ra hmen.html

Ministry of home-affairs (Bundesministerium des Inneren)

You will also find a postal adress on these sites.

Sincerely yours Iris Speiser