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I need to consult an attorney - Do you handle cases of this matter?

We have just been contacted by distant realitives in Germany regarding property in Usingen. Have reason to believe that there has been misconduct of division of property. Original owner Karl Moses (deceased). My Mothers' maiden name Helga Christine Kraemer now Helga K. McDaniel. Ther was at first 46 parcels od land now there is one acre. Will get power of attorney from Mother and come over to Germany but first I need to consult an attorney. Not sure what to do. Do you handle cases of this matter?

Please advise. Thank-you Kristine D.

Dear Ms. D,

the Law-Related-Internet-Project is run by the University of the Sarland in Germany. We are no attoneys. So we can't help you solving your problems ourselves.

If you or your relatives don't know an attoney, try to find one with the help of a searching service, for example

http://hg.org/firms-germany.html (in english)

I hope, this will help you, to find an attorney, who helps you to find your right.

Sincerely yours, Iris Speiser

Dear Iris.

Thank-you for your assistance . You have been more help than you know.