The Law-France mailing list

Law-France is an open but moderated mailing list for the exchange of information about the practice of law in France.

It also welcomes discussion about other francophone countries, though this will mainly take place in other regional forums.

Postings from members are collected, edited and sent out periodically in digest form.

A policy of terseness and minimal use of quotes will be enforced. In this way, busy professionals will be able to quickly scan the digest for useful and interesting items.

French and English may be used indifferently.

A member may guard total anonymity or only when asking a question. That means an eminent jurist can speak freely without risk of ridicule.

Besides continual innovation in the functions of the forum, special attention is given to the software needs that might improve and economize the operations of legal professionals.

Send email to with subscribe on the Subject line. Information will be sent to you giving instructions on how to use the service.

As of March 2003, Law-France reaches 1125 subscribers, of which 20% are in France and DOM-TOM, 10% "non-French francophone", 15% in anglophonia, and the rest of the EU plus the 'new' democracies. There is also good representation in East Asia and Latin America.

Professionally, 20% are academics, 10% attorneys and other private legal workers, 20 identified magistrates, 30 businesspeople, and 25 government & NGO officials.

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