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Editorial Break

The editorial team are now on Easter holiday so the next news items will be available from 03.04.02. We wish you a Happy Easter.

German Law Archive

A German-English translation of the new German Civil Code (BGB) paragraphs as reformed by the Act on the Reform of the Law of Obligations (Schuldrechtsreformgesetz) is now available on the ‘German Law Archive’ (http://www.iuscomp.org/gla/statutes/BGB.htm).


At this year’s CeBit Computer Fair the Federal Government activated its new website for the Federal Chancellor (http://www.bundeskanzler.de). Thus the relaunch of the ‘Government online’ for the websites of the Federal Government, for which the Government’s Press and Information Office will be responsible, is provisionally completed.

e-Government Contest

At the 2nd e-government contest, hosted by KPMG and Cisco systems, the Federal Institute for employment won with its ‘virtual labour market’; in the category of ‘administration-citizen’ (http://www.arbeitsamt.de/). The winner in the category ‘administration-economy’ was the Institute for consumer protection and agriculture with its ‘agricultural online application form’ (http://www.brandenburg.de/land/mlur/lelf/). In the category ‘administration-employees’ the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg got into the first place with its ‘FHHPortal’ (http://www.hamburg.de/). The Federal Institute for Finance won with its ‘ePayment-Project’ in the category ‘administration-administration’ (http://www.bff-online.de/).

The new media law of the Saarland region

The new media law of the Saarland region of 27 February 2002 was published in the official journal of the Saarland on 13 March 2002 and is, according to paragraph 71 section 1 sentence 1, the day after its promulgation - consequently in force from 14 March 2002. The text of the new law is available free of charge, after registration, in the database "Law for Germany" (http://www.recht.makrolog.de/).

Virtual Day of the Green Party

From 16th to 27th March the first virtual day of the Schleswig-Holstein Green Party is taking place (http://www.gruener-parteitag.de). People who are interested can either go along as a guest or, after registration, can participate interactively.

British Telecom v Prodigy

British Telecom made a Patent of Hyperlinks valid in a suit against US Supplier Prodigy. In the framework of these dealings an analysis of Patent specifications was modified in order to define the scope of application more precise (http://www.nysd.uscourts.gov/courtweb/pdf/D02NYSC/02-02452.PDF). The investigation into whether this Patent will apply to the Internet Hyperlinks should now follow.

Sun v Microsoft

The American computing concern 'Sun Microsystems' has filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Microsoft (http://www.sun.com/lawsuit/complaind.pdf). Essentially it relates to the 'fragmentation of Java Platform' and 'flooding of the market with incompatible Java Runtime Environments.'

Online Forms

At this year’s CeBit Computer Fair, the Federal Minister of the Interior, Otto Schilly, activated an online form server (http://www.bund.de/Formlar-Center-.5992.htm). Around 1000 forms are now available on the Internet, a few of which may be filled in online.

Speech of Michael Gill

The speech of Michael Gill on ‘What is the future of e-books and e-journals?’ has now been published within the forum ‘Publishing in The Digital Age’, which is arranged by five European publishing houses with the support of the European Commission (http://www.fep-fee.be/speechmg.htm).

Online Register for Hannover

At the CeBit Computer Fair, Lord Mayor Herbert Schmalstieg put the information registry (Einfache Melderegisterauskunft) of Hannover online (http://e-govt.hannover-stadt.de/meldeauskunft/newRequest.do). The offer is available to the public, registered companies and officials. These 3 usergroups have access to different files. There is a charge for the public and registered companies but information is free to officials.

ver.di: Online Law for Employees

Information about ‘Online Law for Employees’ is now offered on the webpages of the Vereinte Dienstleistungsgesellschaft' (ver.di) (http://www.onlinerechte-fuer-beschaeftigte.de). Furthermore, they offer forums on various problems.

New government pages online

Both the Australian (http://www.australia.gov.au/) and U.S governments (http://www.firstgov.gov/) now have webpages online. The web sites provide extensive information for Australian aud U.S citizens and make communication with public authorities much easier.

International Cybercrime Project

As a part of the CeBIT Computer Fair 2002 in Hannover the Northern Saxon Home Office is launching a project aimed at combating internet crime. The project includes an internet forum on 'Cybercrime' (http://www.polizei.niedersachsen.de/thema/cybercrime/index.html). Here experts will answer questions relating to 'internet fraud', 'the spreading of viruses', and 'hacking'. Livechats relating to specialist topics are also planned.

Chat transcript 'Electronic signature'

On the 07.02.2002 a chat took place in the chat series 'Mail to a modern state' about the subject 'An electronic signature, please!', attended by Martin Schallbruch, IT-director of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. The transcript of this chat can now be viewed online (http://www.staat-modern.de/dialog/chat_reihe/daten/trans070202.htm).

Council of Europe: racism and xenophobia

The ‘European Committee on Crime Problems’ of the European Council has now published the draft bill '...of the First Additional Protocol to the Convention on Cybercrime on the criminalisation of acts of a racist or xenophobic nature committed through computer systems and its Explanatory Report' (http://www.legal.coe.int/economiccrime/cybercrime/AvProjetProt2002E.pdf).


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